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By | December 8, 2017

Official eRetire Liteblue USPS Retirement Application for Employee eRetire :

The United States has the largest mailing services. Well, it is the USPS (United States Postal Services) which is an organization that supports the nation in the mail and courier services. The Liteblue portal serves the employees of USPS with employment-related services online. This article is on Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement Application eRetire using which the employees can choose their best eligible plans.

What is “eRetire”?  It is a self-service application for new employees that enable them to decide the retirement plan using internet through LiteBlue official website. This post helps you understand the eligibility for the different plans and the use of the Liteblue portal to access the same.


liteblue eRetire

About eRetire – Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement

USPS provides retirement plans for the employees as per their services. Various factors determine an employee’s eligibility towards the retirement plans.

eRetire Liteblue Portal helps USPS employees understand the rules of different plans. This section is an employee self-service zone that allows users to plan for and begin a retirement plan online via their Liteblue account.

There are basically two sets of eligible groups for retirement benefits. These are as follows;

  • Employees with five (5) years of eligible retirement.
  • Employees with 180 days (6months) of eligible retirement.
  • And, those are currently eligible for retirement.

These three groups determine when the employees can start searching for their plans and plan out in accordance. All eligible and full-time employees of the USPS can access retirement plans. All the part-time and postal inspectors can inquire for their plans from their respective department heads.The information may reach the employee via mail service within 14 days of inquiry.

USPS Employee Retirement criterions

The groups that we mentioned above express the classes of people working in the USPS based on the retirement plan criterions. In this section, we would like to briefly explain the details of each criterion. Below are the details for the same;

  • Within 5 years of retirement: Those who have about 5years to their retirement eligibility may view the estimates online and print them too. The plans are in accordance with the time of the employee’s retirement date, the date plus 6 months, or the date plus 1 year.
  • Currently eligible and having 6 months to eligibility: The users in this category can estimate their retirement plans as per the dates of the next month beginning, or seven months from then, or 13months from the date of eligibility.
    • The eligible employees can also enter a custom date to check the plans as per that month.

Once a user finds an appropriate retirement plan, he can wait for his eligibility towards the same. In advance, the users can access the application form for the same via mail order on request. USPS eRetire also helps employees schedule a counseling and info-sharing session for getting the information on their eligible retirement plans.

There are 3 options for employees to be able to access USPS eRetire website on the internet:

  • On LiteBlue website >>  Employee Apps  >> Look for the Quick Links carousel located in home page center >> select eRetire.
  • Click on My HR tab located at the very top of LiteBlue’s navigation bar >> Find the section of Employee Apps  >> from the Employee Apps options provided, select eRetire.
  • Click on the tab of Employee Apps located  in the lower part of ev­ery single My HR web page >> then from the Employee Apps options provided select eRetire  – LiteBlue

Finally, you will see all the options that will describe the eRetire portal and retirement plans. We hope that this information on Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement Application eRetire will be helpful to all. Thank you.

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