USPS Liteblue Change of Address for Postal Employees

Are you stuck on How to change the address for Postal Employees Liteblue USPS? This article helps you figure it out! We are here with a guide for the change of address for postal employees.

There is a reason why the United States of America is the most organized country in the world. It has large networks of several services like the mail service. This post is specifically on USPS Liteblue Change of Address for Postal Employees which will simplify the load of the mail service employees to search for this simple action.

There is rising query on how employees change their address details if there is any change needed. Well, we are here to guide you through and provide the instructions for the same in this post.

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USPS Liteblue Change of Address through portal

USPS liteblue portal provides loads of benefits to its users and other clients too. Every employee of the USPS has access to their information on the Liteblue portal. If you are not authorized to access the portal, do not attempt to login or else you may become liable for legal action.

Through the portal, employees can check on their duties, their performance credibility, their loan request, and sanctions, Payroll or salary scripts, etc. It also holds information from the employee like their Names, Age, Residential address, family members, etc. If the employee has initially provided some address and now wishes to change it, then he can do just by following the steps mentioned in this post.

The easiest way is through the Liteblue portal itself. Follow steps to understand the USPS Liteblue change of address process;

  • Access the USPS Liteblue Login page using this link here LiteBlue Login.
  • Enter your Employee ID and corresponding “USPS password”
  • The Employee ID will be the one on your ID card.
  • In case you forgot your password, you can select the option there and recover the same by following the instructions provided.
  • Once the details are provided, you can select the “Log ON” option on the screen and login to your account.
  • Next, go to the “My HR” tab and in the drop-down options select “CHANGE MY ADDRESS” followed by “Edit”
  • Here, you will be able to edit the details of your phone number, mailing address, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Once you edit the details, select “REVIEW” option to verify the changes.
  • If the details are fine, then select “SAVE” option.

With this, the adress changes will be saved. This is one of the easiest methods to make changes to the Address. Take a look at the other methods in the next section of this post.

USPS Liteblue Change of Address by alternate methods

It is not mandatory to make the changes via the portal itself. Suppose the portal is undergoing changes/upgrades but you have to change the details on your account, then? For this purpose, there are several other ways of accessing the change of address for postal employees. Take a look at them individually here;

  • Use of USPS Kiosk: Users can access the PC Kiosks located at distribution centers and large processing centers in some Post Offices. In your regional space, you can access the Kiosk desk for this service and the officials there will be able to help you with the Change of Address.
  • Use of Postal Mail: There is a specific address where you can send in your application (Form 1216) of change of address. Below is the address where to send your application to;
  • Use of Phone service: Users can easily get in touch with the service’s telecom help. Simply call on the number: “877-477-3273” and respond to the automated call service. To get in touch with an executive, select “5th” option. This will get you the service executive in-line to whom you can ask for the change of address service.

Hence, you can see three more possible ways other than just the USPS Liteblue portal method. Follow any of these for the successful change of address on the site. So that is all about USPS Liteblue Change of Address for Postal Employees. Hope you have found the article useful. Thank you.